Acaraí building is a development with high construction standards in the best location at the Berrini district. With floor area of 514m² composed of two units with 257m². Units comes with air-conditioning, raised floors, Owa mineral ceiling, light fixtures and Uniflex shutters. In addition, it has a conference room with luxuary for 14 guests, an auditorium with 99 seats and a coffee area fully equipped and decorated in the Penthouse floor.


Type: Corporate Building
Address: Rua Castilho, 392
Land Area: 2.997,75m²

The development features

  • 2 units per standard floor
  • 19 standard floors with 514m²
  • Standard unit area: 257m²
  • 8 parking spots per unit
  • 22º floor with 811,20m²
  • 22º floor unit area: 405,60m²
  • 13 parking spots for unit on the 22º floor
  • 5 smart elevators (Atlas Schindler with Miconic 10 system) + 1 Safety Elevator
  • Conference room with lounge equipped and decorated
  • Auditorium with 99 seats equipped and decorated
  • Coffee area to support the auditorium and conference room
  • Power generatores for common and private areas
  • Artesian well

The units comes with

  • Raised floor with metal base with overload 300kg/m²
  • Acoustic mineral fiber ceiling Owa
  • Infrastructure for air conditioner
  • Air conditioner with ecological gas
  • Recessed light fixtures
  • Uniflex blinds
  • Central vacuum system
  • Building facade with thermo-acoustic glass
  • Emergency power generator (lights and power outlets)
  • Ceiling height: 2,70m